Raise It Up Official DVD: Volume 1

Raise It Up

Raise It Up

The Music

Michael Austin is an accomplished vocalist, songwriter, keyboard and trumpet player with many years of “live” performance experience. However, unlike other accomplished musicians, much of his experience was received in prison. Mr. Austin has a great love of jazz and releases his spirit through his music.He glides smoothly through mid-range registers performing slow tunes such as “Misty”, “Unforgettable,” and “My Funny Valentine.” Listening to his favorite singers such as Nat King Cole, Frank Sinatra and Joe Williams on the radio helped to keep him focused on a better life ahead during his incarceration. Michael spends much of his time in his studio writing and recording new music.

Since his homecoming in 2001, Michael has performed at the Clifton Brown Jazz Festival in Wilmington, Delaware and Blues Alley in Washington, DC. His band has performed at Morgan State University as part of the stellar Hometown Jazz Extravaganza Concert. Michael also performed with the Ruby Glover trio at the John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, DC.

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