Raise It Up

Michael Austin Speaks

Since his release from prison, Mr. Austin has been a significant asset to our community and a leader in all areas of life. Less than four days after his release from confinement, a limousine from the ABC television network arrived to transport Mr. Austin to New York for a live appearance on “Good Morning America.” Since the day he was released, Mr. Austin has lived under a spotlight. He has been interviewed for radio, television, and newspapers many more times than could possibly be recounted here.

Few in our society can go day to day speaking comfortably to audiences as diverse as law professors and students at an Ivy League schools like Princeton. Mr. Austin has given presentations to high school students, former convicts, juveniles in trouble with the law, churches, synagogues and more. The ability to pass among all of these audiences and move them emotionally without a single speech writer, assistant, or support whatsoever speaks more persuasively about a person than all the words we could provide you with here.

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